I could not have made this site alone!

I am thankful for God's Word, which is to be the basis for all that is written on this site.

I am very thankful to Jolynne Sutton for providing many of the pictures used both in the activity sheets and the Bible Course for Kids.

This site is in loving memory of my grandfather, Bobby Gary, for demonstrating the love of God to me while I was young, and for encouraging me to pursue a life of ministry, teaching me that every day I live is a day of grace. Though he is now in his Heavenly home, I aspire to share that love with children far and near.

In dedication to Amiee for leading me to Christ and showing how I could have a true relationship with Jesus Christ and eternal life through believing in Him.

I also could not have done this site without much help from my brother in keeping it running.

I am thankful for the numerous friends and missionaries that provided some of their written resources.

Many of the resources that I wrote were things I came up with as a result of ministry opportunities that different churches have given to me. I am grateful for every church, camp, and class God has let me be involved in helping.



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