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Camper Handbooks

These books (coming soon)include daily devotions (Tuesday-Friday), general camp rules, activity pages, theme day ideas, and much more. You could add clipart images that fit your camp theme, add or edit additional pages as needed to meet your needs. It was designed on an 8x11 page, in booklet form, so pages may appear out of order when you open it online, but when you print and fold the pages in half you should see how it fits together. They are designed in color, but you could print in gray scale by adjusting printer settings. Please contact us if you have difficulties with this format.

  1. Any Theme Can Be Added Camper Book

  2. Out Of This World Camper Handbook themed Camper Handbook

Teaching Salvation at Camp

Take a look at the "How Can I Be Saved?" Section on the sidebar. This shows the plan of salvation using an acrostic of the word "C.A.M.P."

Keeping decisions After Camp Ends

Since camp in generally a week long, often a week is all you have to reach children with the Gospel. The file below contains discipleship material campers can take with them after camp to keep growing! Enjoy this fun camp-themed basic Bible course, designed so that children who do not have much or any background in the Bible can learn more about the Christian life. This 20 lesson series helps campers learn to build their lives on the Bible! It is great to print and give in a folder or stapled together like a book to campers that get saved at camp!They include topics of creation, Heaven, Hell, assurance, baptism, Bible reading, prayer, church attendance, and other areas of Christian growth.__ Also note that there is a salvation lesson as well, so that children who might not have fully understood when they made a profession might truly accept Jesus.

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Download the Search for Truth packet. (Please Note: This is the SAME as the "Discipleship course" in the tab at the top of this screen.)

Camp Cabin Fun Ideas

All camp counselors need ideas rainy days or building unity in their cabins. Here are some quick and easy ideas that don't require much preparation! (Note: Some camps may not allow rough play, so get these pre-approved.)

Sock Wars

Divide the cabin into two sides and have each camper roll a pair of socks to throw. Each team should try to have the lowest amount of socks on their side when "time" is called. Supervise campers to help prevent getting too rowdy.

Prayer Sticks

Have each camper write their name on a popsicle stick. Have them put the sticks in a bag and draw names. Each camper should pray for the name they pick and do something special or kind to that person the next day.

Manicure night (Girls)

Supply campers with a large variety of cheap nail polishes and let them have fun. Just be careful to have permission ahead of time by camp directors and supervise accordingly. If you are doing this in the cabin, make sure to have proper ventilation (such as doors and windows opened) and protect stain-able surfaces, as you will likely have some messes.

"Moody" Game

Have campers each read an assigned Bible memory verse in a different mood (such as sad, excited, angry). Have the other campers guess their mood.

Sticky Situation

Campers must race to be the first one on it. Have two less sticky notes than the number of campers. Each time a camper cannot get to a sticky note in time, they receive a letter (such as "S") to spell the word "stick." Each camper getting all 5 letters is out.

Sword Drills

Find books in the Bible first! Say a Bible references and have campers race to see who can find it, stand, and read it first.

Flash light tag

Campers try to land their lights on another camper to "freeze" them or make them be out. Do not allow campers to shine lights in each others eyes!


Have campers sing their favorite camp or Bible related songs in a fun way. Example:they could sing, "This Little Light of Mine" with the lights off and playing with flashlights, letting them "shine." You could do lots of action songs, such as "My Bible I Left on the Bunk Bed."

Encourage cabin spirit or unity

Patriotic Day

Have each camper wear red, white, and blue to support America (or colors for whatever country in which they are part).

Inside Out Day

Have everyone in your cabin or the whole camp wear their outer clothing inside out! Juniors especially will just being "silly" with their clothes. See if they can put hats, socks, shirts, pants, etc. inside out. You could offer an incentive to encourage participation, especially with older kids (such as earning points for their team).

Cabin Twin Day

Have every camper dress and do their hair like another camper. Take pictures of each camper with their "twin."

Decorate Your Cabin Day

Have campers vote on a theme for the day, then decorate their cabin and bunks to fit the theme they picked. You could do a contest between several cabins, judging on creativity, neatness, and effort.

NOTE: The ideas on this page are only suggestions. Use at your own risk.



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