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Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules Posters These standard paper size print outs can be used as visual reminders of rules in the classroom. Use one or two, or all of them, or edit them to meet your needs. Every class is different, but make sure you do not just post the rules, but teach them to your class and explain what they mean. Don't just assume they will understand. Rules can help set the tone for a classroom conducive to learning.


These are NOT Bible related, but may help children want to follow Bible principles. Here are some fun ideas for ways to help track behavior in the classroom. Having visual ways that involve children can help them choose to do right. These are some ideas that I have seen that work well, especially with lower elementary children.

The Traffic Light

Each child has a traffic light on the wall with their name printed on it. The child starts with a green light. If he or she gets a warning, they must put on a yellow light (or the teacher can). If the child does wrong again, he must have a red light, which means he faces a set consequence. After the consequence is given, reset his traffic light as green.

Traffic Light Discipline

The Crayon Box

Children start with about 6 crayons (either jumbo size crayons or the paper cutouts provided here). Breaking class rules leads to losing crayons (which leads to different , pre-established consequences).

Crayon Box Discipline

Candy Jars (older kids)

Children earn or lose a candy (individually wrapped) for doing certain things and a small jar or clear plastic plate. Example: Bringing a friend, Bible, learning a verse, etc. earns 1-3 candy. Disobedience results in losing 1-3 candy. When a student has a full jar, he earns an incentive. (NOTE: they don't actually get to eat all the candy!!!) Note: You could use bouncy balls, marbles, or building blocks, instead of candy, depending on the age of the children.



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