Bible Discipleship For Kids

Discipleship is very important with children that trust in Christ, just as much as adults. Most studies I have seen are geared toward older teens and adults, so this Bible Course was designed so kids can learn foundational lessons on their level!


Get ready to Build (your life) On Bible with the as you join B.O.B. and his friends as they search for the truth! Kids ages 7-12 should enjoy this fun, camp-themed, basic Bible course. They include topics of creation, Heaven, Hell, salvation, baptism, Bible reading, prayer, church attendance, and other areas of Christian growth.

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Bible Course Individual Lessons

If you are seeking just one specific lesson from the Bible course, this is where to find it! These lessons do not include the Bible reading charts or activity pages.

Other Tools

These are just very basic brochures designed for children (ages 6-10).



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