Game Ideas

Kids love the unexpected!!! Starting class with a quick game or having a designated "Game Day" is a great way for kids or teens to bond with each other. Set a time limit to play the games. Team competition builds excitement and draws a crowd, but don't let it distract from the message!

These games are 3-15 minutes in length. Some require just one member from each team and others involve everyone. Any size group can play! (If you teach younger children, you may prefer to use the non-competitive game options in the preschool section.)

Toilet Paper Race (3-5 minutes)

One girl & one boy volunteer from each team will unroll a TP roll as fast as they can! The winners should receive a small prize or points for their team.

Sock hockey (5-15 minutes)

Use a pair of socks rolled up as the "puck." Assign each child a number (I.e. 1,2,3). Each team should have the same number of children. Teams line up, facing each other. When the leader calls a number, all those with that number run into the middle of the room and kick the "sock puck" to their team's goal. Each time a goal is made, the next number is called and the children who were just playing get to sit out until called again. Each round should be about a minute long).

Balloon Pop Race (5-10 minutes)

Ask for four volunteers from each team. Team members will pop the balloons (4 per team) one at a time, then, each balloon has a paper in it with an action they must do (example: 3 jumping jacks, touch the pulpit, etc.). Each of the 4 team members must do the action listed before you can pop the next balloon. The first team to do all 4 activities wins! (200,000)

Build-A-Train (15 minutes)

Both teams will be supplied with equal supplies (newspapers, cups, bottles, tape, etc.). Team members must work together to create a train replica (big or small), with as many details as they can in the allotted time. Each team member MUST make part of the train/track/etc. You may NOT use any materials not supplied by the judges. Note: During your team meeting, you may wish to explain and assign who does what. (200,000 points!)

Ship,Sand,Shore (5-15 minutes)

Designate a middle line (chalk on cement, masking tape on a floor). The kids all stand on one side. The leader calls either ship, sand, or shore. Designate one side of the playing area as ship. Designate the middle line as sand, and other side as shore. Kids must run to the side called. If the leader calls "deck," every kid must sit on the ground as fast as they can. Each round, the kid that gets to the destination called last is out. Do a few practice rounds. The winner is the last kid still in the game.

Rancher, Wrangler, Round Up! (5-15 minutes)

This is a chair game. Players sit in a circle, in chairs. TEAM LEADERS PLAY THIS! Every team member is assigned to be either �rancher� or �wrangler.� One person will be in the middle and calls either �Rancher� or �Wrangler.� The players with that name must get up and switch seats with someone at least two seats away. Meanwhile, the one in the middle tries to beat the other players to a chair. If he middle one calls �Round Up!,� EVERY player must switch seats. Whoever end up in the middle each round gets a negative point for their team. The team with the LEAST negative points at the end of the game wins!

Bandanna Relay (5-15 minutes)

Have each team line up, arm to arm (as if making a chain). The team members will go one at a time. He must go around the entire team's line and back to his original spot with his bandanna using the method assigned by the leader (1. elbows, 2. feet, or 3. knees). They must use the "method" to carry the bandanna (no hands!). Leaders tell them ahead who is 1,2,3. younger children may pick which one (help them pick one they can do!). When one team member finishes, the next begins.



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