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Some students may also enjoy the preschool and 3rd-6th grade printables, depending on ability.

KJV Bible Lesson Plans

God's Faithfulness (For Primaries) I am so thankful for the friend that contributed these detailed lessons! (In the larger files, scroll down to find the actual lesson plans.)

This file contains:

Lesson 1: Jesus Provides Food for the Five Thousand

Lesson 2: Jesus Provides Food for Elijah and the Widow

Lesson 3: Jesus Provides Wine for Feast

Lesson 4: Jesus dies to save His people

This file contains:

Lesson 1: God Protects Daniel in Lions Den

Lesson 2: God Protects Three Men in Fire

Lesson 3: God Protects David from Goliath

Lesson 4: God Protects Israelites While They Pass through Red Sea

Lesson 5: God Protects Jews through Esther

Random Bible Lessons

Note: Not all of these lessons are in the same format. Use lots of Scripture verses, even though most of these plans provide word-for-word content. These may not be fully edited.


Elizabeth Schwanke, thanks for writing these great lesson plans! Note: You may find it helpful to study the Scripture passages listed at the beginning of each lesson plan and write which verses you will read with each point.

The Power of God (13 Week Curriculum) Thank you Sarah B., for providing these simple lesson plans. Lots of references are included so you can easily find and study the main points and add to them.

This file contains:

Lesson 1: Jesus Turns Water into Wine

Lesson 2: Jesus Feeds the 5,000

Lesson 3: Jesus Power Over the Fig Tree

Lesson 4: Jesus Walks on Water

This file contains:

Lesson 1: Jesus Heals a Lame Man

Lesson 2: Jesus Heals a Man with Palsy

Lesson 3: Jesus Heals a Blind Bartimaeus

Lesson 4: Jesus Heals a Woman Sick for 12 years

Lesson 5: Jesus Heals the Lepers

This file contains:

Lesson 1: Jesus Brings a Widows Son Back to Life

Lesson 2: Jesus Brings Lazarus Back to Life

Lesson 3: Jesus Death Part 1: Christ Death on the Cross

Lesson 4: Jesus Death Part 2: He Is Alive!

The Miracles of Jesus (12 Week Curriculum) Thank you, Meichel A. for these wonderful lessons, suitable for primaries or juniors. These lessons contain activity ideas, lesson outlines, and ideas for student evaluation.

Animal Antics-Lessons from animals in the Bible

##More lessons COMING SOON!

KJV Bible Worksheets

  • Ten Commandments Activity Book This file is 12 pages, one page for each commandment, a cover page, and back page. Use yarn and a hole puncher to bind the book, or leave the pages separate. Each page contains a commandment Bible verse and an activity dealing with the number or commandment itself (simple color by number, dot to dot, drawing, or tracing). If there are some pages you do not like, use just a couple.


Mazes (Lower Elementary)

Note: Please check the new "No Words Printables" section for computer generated mazes that you can add your own pictures and words to! (Most of the mazes here are hand drawn.)


Miscellaneous Printables

Creation Printables

(Also check out the "visual aids" section of this site to see lesson visuals!)

Printable Tracts (Lower and Upper Elementary)

Let kids fold and make these tracts to give to friends. Teach them how to witness with them!

Disclaimer: to the best of my knowledge, the activities themselves are original work. Clipart or drawings used in these files were either drawn exclusively for this site or was taken from the public domain. If you happen to see anything that appears to be copyrighted from another source, please contact me so I can immediately remove it, as this was NOT intentional.

Visual Aids

Use these to teach Bible verses! COMING SOON!

These are pocket chart type cards, each with a few words from the verse. You can put them up for children to read, and as they start learning the verse, take some cards down and see if they can tell which words are missing! You can be creative with ideas to make this fun for kids!

Use these to teach lessons!

These are pictures or other illustrations that can be used that are lesson-specific. COMING SOON!


  • Days of Creation Teaching Visuals This visual has pictures inside of the number of day in which they were created.

  • Creation Visuals v2 (Each day is on a full piece of paper). Note: These are not in the correct order, but you can just put them in the right order after they are printed. These have no words.

    Christmas Printables

  • Happy Birthday Jesus Lacing Wreath PRINT ON CARD STOCK PAPER IF POSSIBLE. Supplies: Glue or tape, aluminum foil, scissors, ribbon or yarn, and a hole puncher.

  • Star Garland This has stars with some of the names of Jesus on them. Print, color, cut, poke holes with a hole puncher, and use ribbon or yarn to string the stars together.

  • Star CrownColor, cut, decorate (optional), and wear this simple crown.

  • Finger Print Christmas Includes a verse on Jesus being the light of the world. Use paint or ink pads to make Christmas lights with your thumb print.

  • Angel Cut and Paste Craft Simple angel craft. Color the angel and wings, cut it out, then glue the pieces together.

Coming Soon: Computer generated coloring pages (the ones listed below are hand drawn)

Music Helps

Unfortunately, this part of the site is taking a long time to complete due to checking on copyrights. If you would like to receive an email when it is finished, please email teachkidsbible@gmail.com and write "Music Update" in the subject line.

Recommended Music Sites

The following site contains audio files of songs written to Bible verses. Note: This site may or may not agree with the doctrinal statement of Teach Kids Bible. http://www.abiblecommentary.com/christianwoman/childrensbiblesongs/

New words to familiar tunes

You can add these verses to the traditional songs. To the best of my knowledge, these songs are in the public domain, mainly due to the dates they were written. Please let me know if you find out otherwise.

Missions words to old tunes-More coming soon!

You can add these verses to the traditional songs. To the best of my knowledge, these songs are in the public domain, mainly due to the dates they were written. Please let me know if you find out otherwise.

These are made up verses to the song "This Little Light of Mine," based on Matthew 5:15-16.

Let it shine on the mission field,

I'm gonna let it shine.

Let it shine on the mission field,

I'm gonna let it shine.

Let it shine on the mission field,

I'm gonna let it shine.

Let it shine.

Let it shine.

Let it shine.

Verse two

Let it shine all over the world,

I'm gonna let it shine

Let it shine all over the world,

I'm gonna let it shine

Let it shine all over the world,

I'm gonna let it shine,

Let it shine,

Let it shine,

let it shine

A friend of mine supplied me with these words, sung to the tune of "Jesus Loves Me"

Jesus loves them

This I know

For the Bible tells me so

All around the world I see

Boys and girls just like me.


Yes, Jesus loves them

Yes, Jesus loves them

Yes, Jesus loves them

The Bible tells me so.

Song Visuals

Coming Soon!!!

Activity Ideas

Have you ever struggled to think of fun activity ideas to do with your class? Activities are some of the best ways to get to know the kids and a chance for them to open up to you. Here are a few that I have tried or seen done. Most of these are just fun, not made to be in place of a church or class time. It is a good idea to have parents fill out permission slips and to be made aware of what the activity will involve. Always have good supervision.

Bible Times Picnic

Set up a blanket on the ground outside in the grass or in the classroom. Ahead of time, assign each student to bring one food item that would have been served during Biblical times (olives, bread, crackers, grape juice, water, fruits, vegetables, white fish (no shell fish for allergy risk), food made with grains, nuts (no peanuts), or figs, etc). Be sure to check ahead to be sure kids are not allergic the food items. Encourage children to dress in robes and take off their shoes. Go all out to make the event fun! Have children sit on the floor or on pillows. Teach a lesson on Jesus feeding the five thousand, or another fitting lesson.

Messy Game Day

This takes some preparation and supplies. The messier the game the better. You could have kids use only their mouths to dig through a bowl of pudding to find gummy worms (each kid with their own bowl). You could do a spaghetti eating race with fingers, or digging in chocolate sauce to pick up pennies. You could have a race crawling through mud, or finger painting with jello on plastic wrap covered tables. You could let kids make some kind of goo to take home(look for "oobleck" or "gak" recipies online). Ask kids for ideas ahead of time! I saw this done with teens, but younger kids like to get dirty, too.Have a hose available if possible to rinse off after activities! Have kids wear old clothes!Be sure to find out about any allergies kids might have before beginning this fun activity.

Bible Costume Day

Have all of your students come to class or activity dressed as their favorite Bible character. Explain that children should not buy costumes, but use their imaginations and supplies they have at home. (You could provide scrap materials if you have them.)If you wanted, you could give prizes for "most identifiable," "most unique," "Most creative use of materials," and "ugly costume."

Everybody's Birthday Bash

Have a huge birthday party, complete with tons of kid-friendly decorations (you could do a jungle, animal, water, or tie dye theme). Have large cookies or cupcake (not frosted)and supply frosting (each tub made a different color with food coloring). Let students "paint" the frosting on themselves to make cool designs. You could either do a hot dog bar (kids get to pile whatever ingredients they want on top) or build-your-own pizza stations. For gifts, have each student bring a wrapped gift-girls bring a girl gift ($5 limit) and boys bring a boy gift. (examples could be nail polish, stuffed animals, candy, fuzzy socks, balls, journals, or glow in the dark toys). Make sure if you have older kids, they bring appropriate gifts. Do a gift exchange.

God Made Me Special Day (younger kids)

This is a great activity for young children. Have each child sign up for something they like to do (jump roping, singing a Bible song, juggling, saying a Bible verse, etc.). Give them a paper reminding them to practice at home. On the day of the activity, every child gets to show the rest of the class (and parents if they are invited) what God made them to be able to do. Make sure to pre-approve songs or activities so you will not have unwanted performances. Kids love this day. At the end, give each child a small, equal prize (such as stickers) and a certificate that says "God made you special." Offer snacks. You could teach a lesson on Psalm 139 about God knowing all things about us, creation, or something else. Make sure they understand that God has made everyone special and everyone can do something for Him. Help give shy children encouragement and ideas for what to do. Don't force a child to do something, but make sure even if they do not, you still give them a prize. Even a child who does not participate is special to God.

Dolly & Me Day (Girls Only)

Have all of the girls in the class bring a doll or stuffed animal to class. Have beads and string available. Students will get to make a bracelet or necklace for their doll and a matching one for themselves. Explain the meaning of each color.Example: Pink (God loves me), black (we have all sinned. Our hearts are dirty.),red (Jesus shed His blood), white (Jesus makes us clean when we accept Him), gold (streets of gold), green (saved people need to grow!)With older girls, you could have them practice explaining what each color means to a friend. Use the remaining class time to have a special treat to eat or simple games to enjoy. Take time toget to know the girls in your class.

Movie Night

Pre-approve an age-appropriate movie that is Christian based (such as Adventures in Odyssey, kids version of Pilgim's Progress, Secrets of Johnathan Sperry, etc.). Have soda, buttered popcorn, or other finger foods. If it is all girls or all boys, you could let them each bring a pillow and sit on the floor. You could end the night with a fun game in the dark (supplying glow sticks or flashlights if desired.) Make sure parents sign a permission slip and have lots of adult supervision.

Other Websites to check out

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http://www.biblestoryprintables.com This site has lots of Bible themed printables, such as Bible ABC cards, printable games, coloring sheets, and bulletin board ideas. (Note: these are mostly NOT KJV, but not all sheets use Bible verses.)



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