The children of today will be the missionaries of the future! Start training them now to love sharing God's Word. Teach them about missions, both in the US and the world.

Many more files will be added soon. If you have any missionary themed printables that I might be able to post here, please contact me. They must contain nothing copied or quoted from any other source.


Classroom Games to Print

Missionary Mayhem - Grab Bag Game Missionaries travel by boat, plane, or car to share the gospel. . . . watch out though, because a robber wants to take away all the Bibles you plan to distribute (and your points too)!

Save the Bibles This is a projector or grab bag game. Both formats are included in the file. In this game, you have a serious task! Someone is trying to burn the Bibles you have brought to a remote village. You must gather all the Bibles to put in a safe location.

Missions Match Bible Domino Game This game is like dominoes, but with missions themed pictures! Players match pieces to the ones already in the playing area. The first one to place all their dominoes wins! Option: For very young children, cut the cards into single squares and put them all face down and play a simple matching game instead of dominoes.

Game Idea: (The following ideas will soon have printables included!) Teach a lesson on the lost sheep. Jesus wants the lost to come to Him. Hide cotton balls (or cut out shapes that look like sheep) and have the children search for them. If you are doing this with older children, hide the sheep with one word on each of them, stating a Bible verse, so once they are found the words can be put in order.

Activity Sheets (More Coming Soon)

New!!! Crack the Code ... Missionary Style Use the technology based code key to solve this fun code.

New!!! Colorado Unscramble

New! Canada Wordsearch

New! Staten Island Worksheet

NEW! Solomon Islands Word Search

Inner City Word Search

Grenada Word Search

Europe Word Search

Africa Word Search

Missions - Word Search Find words associated with missionaries. This is good for missionaries on deputation to use if teaching a children's class. OLDER KIDS

Missionary Letter Mix Up Use the letters in the squares to make as many words as you can dealing with missions. You cannot use the same letters more than once.

Missions Unscramble Unscramble the letters to make words dealing with missions.

Search the Bible - Missions Theme This worksheet involves looking up references and circling which reference does not contain the word written in bold. Please note: This file has two errors that will be edited shortly. You can still use this worksheet, but students will find two "words" that have no wrong reference to circle.

Mark 16:15 - Word Search Find the words to Mark 16:15 in the word search.

Coming Soon-Name that flag (This is being edited.)

Missionary for Jesus This is for younger children. Circle the pictures of what a missionary needs and draw a picture of how you can be a missionary.

The Gospel - Preschool Craft Simple cut and paste craft

Missions/International Themed Crafts

New! International Paper Lantern Craft

Missions Lesson Ideas

  • Jonah, The Unwilling Missionary

  • Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

  • The Good Samaritan

  • Jeremiah's Weeping (missionary life is tough, but needed)

  • Jesus Reached Out to Zaccheus

  • Paul and Barnabas

  • Moses (led his people to a new land)

  • Wordless Book Colors

  • Abraham (going to a land God showed him)

  • How Can I Be a Missionary?

Disclaimer: to the best of my knowledge, the missions printables are original work. Clipart or drawings used in these files were either drawn exclusively for this site or were taken from the public domain. If you happen to see anything that appears to be copyrighted from another source, please contact me so I can immediately remove it, as this was NOT intentional.



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