Object Lesson Ideas

Use common objects to help explain important truths!

Object lessons are fun and relatively easy to do, and best of all, kids LOVE them when they are done right! Along with practicing to be able to perform the lessons well, make sure to teach the truths they illustrate effectively. Don't just assume kids can think abstractly and determine the applications. Object lessons are good tools for gaining children's attention, but remember not to leave out the most important thing--Scripture itself! These ideas are not meant to be the entire lesson when teaching children.

Beauty in a Bag

The world has a lot of ideas for what beauty looks like. This object lesson can help draw older elementary and teens into learning about what can make them beautiful in God’s eyes. Start with a make-up bag containing various beauty products. Take out one at a time as you talk about each type of product. Add Bible verses about each topic.

Tweezers- Pluck out the impurities (Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23) .

Foundation- Build your life on the foundation of God’s Word. When you have the right basis for what you do and how you live it will result in great blessings (Matthew 7:24-27).

Concealer– Keep your Word. If you make a promise, don’t break it.

Eye Shadow– God can use the dark spots of your life and turn them into something good (Romans 8:28).

Lotion- Let God smooth out the rough edges in your life.

Lip Stick- Let your lips speak lovely things (Psalm 63:3)

Hair brush- Remember that God knows the number of hairs you have on your head… You are precious to Him (Psalm 139.

Glitter- Shine for Jesus… Be a light in a world of darkness.

Fruits of the Spirit (9 fruits total)

Note: This is a VERY "involved" object lesson... I did this all in one Bible lesson, but you will probably find it easier to teach a separate lesson on each fruit.

(Supplies and explanations are included with each "fruit." Place the supplies each in marked paper bags. Let children pick a bag and help use.)

Gal 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

Introduction: Show children a piece of good fruit and bad fruit. Ask, "Which kind of fruit would you rather eat?" "Today, we will be talking about fruits you need to have in your life as a believer. These fruits are not about what you eat! "Fruits" are the good things you do with God's help. The Spirit lives inside of everyone that trust's Christ as Savior to help us."

Love- paper towel with heart drawn & colored w/washable red marker…child squeezes wet heart-shaped sponge on it to make the love spread. We should spread or share our love with others all around us. Have students give examples of how to love others. Note: Be sure to protect the service under the paper towels from staining!)

Joy- A candy cane upside down makes a "J". "J" is for Joy. What is joy? It's having confidence in who God is and what He does. Some people think joy is just about being happy, but it is more than that. Joy is always possible, even hen you are sad.

Peace- ornament with peace written in it. Your life should be decorated with the ornament of peace…Others should see that you are a peaceful person. Ask, "What is peace?" (It is knowing how to stay calm and quiet.)

Longsuffering (patience)- Use a 2 minute timer. Instruct children they must not say a word or make noice till the timer runs out.

Gentleness- Child cracks an egg gently so no shell gets in the bowl (plastic egg in bag) Option 2: To add humor, illustrate a lack of gentleness! Have a child smash an egg as on to a table or plate (or thrown the egg to hit a plastic plate taped to the wall... if you do this, cover the wall and floor with plastic trash bags!).

Goodness- Mr. Good Bar (or other candy bar if children have peanut allergy)Ask the children what they consider to be good. Hand out candy to each student. Explain that God doesn't just want us to look good on the outside, but the inside matters, too.

Faith- balloon and toothpick (what will happen when you stick the balloon with the pick? Why do you believe it? Faith is believing even before you see something. (Demonstrate popping the balloon). Option 2: Use a chair. Ask children how they KNOW the chair can hold them even before they sit in it. It requires believing.).

Meekness- (humbleness) coins (which is the best?)

Temperance-Self control-- Play "Simon Says." Have children practice controlling different parts of them. Controling attitudes, mouths, actions, etc. is an important part of pleasing God.

Forever Forgiven

(IMPORTANT: Practice this lesson several times so you can do it flawlessly and test how long it takes!!!)

Supplies: Clear plastic bottle with secure lid (filled with water); funnel; bleach (1-2 tbls. per 1 liter bottle); 2-3 drops of food coloring (blue works well)

Show the water bottle to the students. Explain: "This bottle represents you and me. Because of our sin, our heart is dirty. (Drop in food coloring). Nothing good that we do can take away our sin. Just a little sin (just a drop!) is enough to make us not fit in Heaven. God cannot let sin there. Our sins need to be forgiven and cleansed. Only Jesus could do that! (Slowly poor bleach through the funnel (don't let kids see the bleach container!!!). Secure the lid and shake the bottle or have a volunteer do it). Put the bottle aside, but still visible. Talk for a few minutes, presenting the plan of salvation. (All have sinned (Romans 3:23). We are dirty and separated from God because of sin, but He still loves us. We deserve to die (Romans 5:8, Romans 6:23). Jesus offers us a free gift and way to be cleansed from our sin (Romans 10:9-13). Show the bottle-the "sin" (colored drops) are gone! Now we have a clean heart (bottle)! But, what happens if we sin again after Jesus cleans us from our sin? (Drop one more drop into the bottle and shake hard)...the color should disappear. You see, once Jesus forgives our sin once and for all, He see us as clean in His sight. Our sins still displease God, but we are forever forgiven." (Feel free to elaborate as needed to explain this clearly to your group.)

Let God Take Control

Supplies: cotton ball (or feather) and drinking straw for each student; fan (pointed toward table-optional); colored masking tape

Give a cotton ball and straw to each student. On a flat surface (such as a table or tiled floor), Have students blow through their straws to make the cotton move. They should try to move their cotton to a small piece of masking tape marking a goal to reach. Explain: Just like we can't always control where our cotton balls will go, we cannot control our lives by ourselves. We need God's help to live each day and to show us what we should and should not do.

Letter From God

Address the envelope this way:

From: Someone who loves you very much

The streets of gold


To: Sinners (everyone)


In the place where the stamp goes, put the word "FREE" on a square shaped sticker.

Inside the envelope, put a cut out of a Bible, an ear, and a heart. Show students the large mailing envelope. Explain the meaning of how the envelope is addressed (Jesus is someone who loves you very much. Jesus is in Heaven now, preparing a place for you. The letter tells us how we can go to Heaven someday, and that is God's FREE gift to us. What is the letter that God is sending to you? The letter is the Bible, written for us. God tells us everything He wants us to know in the Bible. (Pull out the Bible and hand it to a child.) What does God want us to do with the Bible? He wants us to hear it. (Pull out the ear and hand it to a child.) Where can we hear the Bible? (Children answer. Suggestions could be church, home, Christian school, etc). Lastly, what do we need to do with the Bible, God's letter to us? We need to love it (Pull out the heart and give it to a child.). We can show we love the Bible by reading, obeying, and sharing it with others. Explain to the children that God's letter, the Bible does us no good if we do not choose to open and read it. Talk about how to have a devotion time each day. (Printable visual coming soon!)

I'm IN Christ!

Supplies: Pen (with removed ink cartridge)

The outside of the pen represents a person, empty and longing for something or Someone to fill him. When Jesus comes into your life and you accept Him as your Savior, God places the Holy Spirit of God IN you. (Put the ink cartridge into the pen.) Now you are filled!

Gossip Can't Be Taken Back

Supplies: two tubes of toothpaste; plates

Ask for two volunteers. each volunteer must race to squeeze his tube of toothpaste until all of the paste is on their plates. Next, tell the volunteers to pick two more students. These students should attempt to put all the toothpaste back into the tubes. This is impossible! After a minute or two, explain that this cannot be done. Gossip is like the toothpaste; Once you let mean words out of your mouth, you can never fully take it back.

Missing the Mark

Supplies: Dart board; darts

Use a dart board to illustrate missing the mark (bulls eye). Then, talk about how sin misses the mark of God's perfection.

The Best Tool of All

Supplies: Tool box, various tools

Hold up different tools, one at a time. Ask students to tell you their purpose. After finishing talking about the tools, ask children what tool can help them to be the right kind of Christian. Hold up a Bible. Explain some of the purposes of God's Word, how it shows us our sin, the Savior, and wisdom for living life.



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