Pre-K Quick Game Ideas

Most of these game ideas are very simple and all non-competitive. To adults they seem rather boring, but I found the kids I teach to love these and they ask to play them over and over again!

Color Search

Say a color and have the children each find something in the room that same color and bring it to you.Variation: Put a large piece of construction paper on each wall. Each sheet should be a different color. When you call out a color, children run, jump, hop, etc. to get to the color they are supposed to.


Take turns picking an apple out of the bag. If you pick an apple with a number, you get to keep it. If you pick an apple with a worm on it, you have to put back all of your cards. If you pick a worm card, the teacher removes that from the bag for before continuing the game. Play until the cards are all picked.

Download Pick the Apple game cards.

This & That

A leader calls different actions. If the leader says "do this," the children should do whatever the leader models. If the leader calls "do that," the children should stay still.

Pick Up Sticks!

This game is self explanatory. If your kids come into class early, or just need to get rid of some energy on a rainy day, Place Popsicle sticks all around the room. When you say "go" let the children gather as many sticks as they can, only picking up one each time. If you want to make it a game to practice counting, assign a different number of sticks to pick up each round. When they get the sticks, they place them in a plastic cup and go to gather more. Continue until all of the sticks are picked up.



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