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Worksheets (Teens)

The following activities can be used with almost any lesson. Tell students to create news paper articles or comic strips on the printouts to report about what they have learned about a specific lesson or topic. You could switch it up and have students write about their favorite Bible characters and offer an incentive for the best written work.

Write a Mock Newspaper Article

Make a Comic Strip

The following files require students to look up verses in a KJV Bible. They need to find which reference does not contain the word written in bold.

Search the Bible - Missions Theme NOTE: This file is currently being edited.

Search the Bible - Salvation Theme

Search the Bible - Obedience

Search the Bible - Love

Animals in the Bible - Match with Reference

Lesson Plans

Coming Soon!!!

Activity Ideas:

Messy Game Day

This takes some preparation and supplies. The messier the game the better. You could have kids use only their mouths to dig through a bowl of pudding to find gummy worms (each kid with their own bowl). You could do a spaghetti eating race with fingers, or digging in chocolate sauce to pick up pennies. You could have a race crawling through mud, or finger painting with jello on plastic wrap covered tables. You could let kids make some kind of goo to take home(look for "oobleck" or "gak" recipies online). Ask kids for ideas ahead of time! I saw this done with teens, but younger kids like to get dirty, too.Have a hose available if possible to rinse off after activities! Have kids wear old clothes!Be sure to find out about any allergies kids might have before beginning this fun activity.

Bible Costume Day

Have all of your students come to class or activity dressed as their favorite Bible character. Explain that children should not buy costumes, but use their imaginations and supplies they have at home. (You could provide scrap materials if you have them.)If you wanted, you could give prizes for "most identifiable," "most unique," "Most creative use of materials," and "ugly costume."

Bigger is Better Race

Divide students into several groups, each having an adult leader with a car. Each group should be given a list of addresses of safe people to visit (such as members in the church). Groups leave at the same time, each with one identical item (such as a new toothbrush or small candy bar). At the first house (which ever one they go to from the list), they should trade their small item for something bigger. At the next house, they should trade that bigger item for something even bigger. Continue until the allotted time has passed. The team that ends up with the biggest item at the end of the game wins a prize. Make sure those participating and giving items know the items will not be returned.

Injury Day

Have students come to an activity (not a church day!) dressed up to mimic injuries (such as wearing a splint or brace, limping, painted scars, etc).Have a contest for the "most serious looking injury" or other categories. Have fun. Teach a lesson about Jesus healing someone.
Note: It is important to set limitation on this activity (no real injuries accepted, modest dress code applies, etc). Check with parents ahead that this event will not cause controversy.

Everybody's Birthday Bash

Have a huge birthday party, complete with tons of teen-friendly decorations and food (you could do a tye dye, water, costume, or all-night games theme). For gifts, have a "white elephant" gift exchange... encourage teens to be creative at finding appropriate but funny gifts.

Clean-a-Park Game Day

This does not sound like a fun idea, but kids usually enjoy themselves. Start with a picnic style lunch. Teach them that serving is fun. Take lots of trash bags and rubber gloves. Go to a dirty area and have a race who can fill their bags first. Bring disinfectant wipes or buckets of soap and water that kids can clean themselves with if desired. You could even make a motivation, such as having water or messy games after the work is done.


A section on how to counsel teens on different topics is located in the "counseling" section of this site. Check it out! Teens may also enjoy the "Presentations" (PowerPoint) lessons that will soon be added to the 3rd-6th grade section.



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