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Here are some very basic online Bible quizzing questions. Most of these are very general facts that all teachers should know! Enjoy! See if your kids can answer these questions as well!

Difficulty: Hard Quizzes

The Life of Job All was going well with Job. Job had great wealth and many possessions. His life seemed good. Satan wanted to ruin Job's relationship with God any way that he could. What do you know about the life of Job? Try to answer the questions to find out!

Revelation Prophecy is an exciting, interesting study. What do you know about the last book of the Bible? Try this quiz to find out!

Geography Do you know where different events took place? Check out this challenging quiz!

Genesis How much do you know about the first book of the Bible? There's a "creation quiz" in the "easy quiz" section.

Music in the Bible What do you know about the purpose and presence of music in the Bible?

Baptist History Are you a Baptist? How much do you know about how the Baptist have persevered through difficult times? Test your knowledge of key events in their history.

Difficulty: Medium Quizzes

Animals Have you ever watched movies with animals as the star? The Bible has a lot of stories with animals. Test your knowledge with this quiz!

Old Testament The Old Testament has lots of familiar Bible stories and some difficult names. How much do you know about it?

Food We need food to survive! What do you know about foods mentioned in the Bible?

Women in the Bible__ While most of the stories or books in the Bible speak mostly of the men in Bible times, there were women that made a difference as well! What do you know about them? Do this quiz to find out. (Thank you, Isabel, for this quiz topic!)

Books of the Bible__ How well do you know the Bible itself? Does knowing where books of the Bible are located and who wrote them matter? Test your knowledge here!(Thank you, Rebekah, for this quiz topic!)

Life of Paul While Paul is a familiar Bible character, many details of his life go unnoticed. What do you know about Paul?

Difficulty: Easy Quizzes

Creation Do you know how God created the world? Test your knowledge here!

Facts Test your knowledge of some simple Bible facts.

People This quiz is about general Bible knowledge of popular Bible characters.

These quizzes should be accurate. If you happen to find errors in the answers, please contact us (teachkidsBible@gmail.com).



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